Rap With a Konscious Sound

Making his own music since he was 11,  Kevin Miller a.k.a. Konscious started playing drums during elementary school and making his own music after discovering it was his passion. In 2004 he began writing his own songs, experimenting with different styles of music outside of rap music, and working with his cousin Jordan who was working on a track with rapper Joe Budden. Jordan at the time saw a special talent in him and often let him tag along to the studio, but in 2010 Jordan was killed in a drunk driving accident. After his cousin died, he began taking his own craft more seriously and made a promise to finish what his cousin started, finding solace through his music which he says that music saved his life in every way. As a result he began the “Konscious Movement” advocating for anti-bullying & suicide prevention, ideals he brings into his music which is meant to educate and uplift. An entrepreneur as well as an artist, Kevin also currently owns his own mobile entertainment business Konscious Entertainment. His latest single off his EP “College Girl Anthem” has over 12,000 downloads after only one month of being posted on Soundcloud. Konscious is currently working on his debut album, Permission Granted, while attending college. Definitely check this rapper out, we have a feeling he is one for the history books.

You can check out Konscious at his website at www.KonsciousMusic.com and on SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/konscious-run.

Konscious – Me and the Homies

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