KingTay, Music Is My Vehicle


KingTay is an extremely prolific songwriter with powerful lyrics and a unique rapping style that has many taking notice around the globe. Born in Philadelphia in historic Germantown, the cultural environment provided KingTay with a wealth of song writing ideas. Like any great artist come great mentors. KingTay gives credit to several gifted individuals who came before him such as DMX, Tupac, 50 Cent, and Eminem. Each artist influenced KingTay in some way or another and portrayed a persona of realness, a key trait KingTay has always embraced. He is authentic with himself in all instances. They never taught him to be himself, but they made it more welcoming to do so.

KingTay relies on his personal feelings and vibes for music insight. He eagerly shares himself with the world using music as his vehicle. Music always revolves around KingTay’s feelings. His perspective towards life and the people in his circle is always changing, therefore his music follows. Overall, KingTay is a chill personality. His single “Coolin” displays his balanced frame of mind.

At a time when the music industry lacks compassion and drive, KingTay is significantly gaining attention with his distinctive style that is connecting with thousands of loyal fans around the world. His vision of work has attained credited performances such as the 2015 Spring Bling Concert where he performed alongside other highly recognized artists, an invitation to Marsten House Cypher Circuit where they hold the longest running cypher series on the East Coast, , and the recent invitation to Dream Fusion 3-day music festival this July. Additionally, his music has been featured on numerous radio shows.

Official website:
Facebook: @King Tay
Twitter: @KingTay215
Instagram: @KingTay215

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