KingJvy, Courageous


KingJvy is a young progressive artist from Houston, Texas who has a unique lyrical flow pattern. With versatility, his music comes in many different wavelengths. There’s sure to be a flavor that you’re earbuds will like, but this isn’t your everyday Baskins Robbins 31 flavors.

KingJvy’s music has received positive feedback on Soundcloud and various music platforms. Having only released a total of 8 songs, he is very optimistic about his future career and is always reaching out to expand his connections. His first 2 singles, “No Sleep” and “Courageous,” have really intrigued listeners.

As a fresh artist, KingJvy is currently working on new material and will be releasing his debut mixtape titled KingJvy in the summer of 2016. As an added bonus, we’re featuring his track “Courageous” that’s produced by KrissiO. The track itself was racked up 1.7K+ plays on Soundcloud.

Soundcloud: @itz-royale
Twitter: @jvysmooove
Instagram: @kiing.jvy
YouTube: @King Jvy
Reverbnation: @kingjvy
Facebook: @KingJvy
Soundcloud: @itz-royale


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