King Spydamann, Bringing The Soul Back Into Hip Hop


Jaihid Rush, King Spydamann, is an artist that can be referred to as more of a rapper’s rapper. Originally from Plainfield, New Jersey, then raised in Decatur, Georgia, Spydamann tends to to focus more on the lyrics to the song and making them make sense. But like any true ATLien he still enjoys the flow of the music, thus inspiring him to adopt a style only described as writing what the beat calls for.

An active member and advocate of the Mystyc movement and co-host of the hit independent artist video show Atlanta Hit Makerz, King Spydamann plans to bless hip hop with the soul he feels has been missing for a while and to remind you that every piece has its place. It’s time to pay attention.

Come follow Spydamann on social media where he posts all kinds of crazy stuff, geek stuff, hip hop stuff, super hero stuff, etc. Also be sure to stop by Soundcloud to get a taste of what this Hot-lanta rapper has to offer.

Facebook: @kingspydamann
Instagram: @kingspydamann720
Twitter: @kingspydamann
YouTube: @kingspydamann

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