King Non Is Set To Drop ‘Black $uper Hero’ On March 17, 2017

With a knack for music, King Non’s building a repertoire for himself in the industry. Boasting a pioneering sound along with a dynamic stage presence, this artist’s music is turning eyes and ears. This is one artist that you’ll want to keep up with and follow his every more. High impact moves are being made by King Non, and it won’t be long before he’s a household name.

Formerly known as Nonfiction 100, this Philly born and Atlanta raised artist is the new voice of the people. He’s most often compared to 2Pac for his revolutionary lyrics and storytelling concepts. It was his upbringing in Atlanta that developed King Non’s unique style of versatile cadences and concepts making his music universal and able to inspire and touch the hearts of people of all ages, colors, and walks of life. He’s currently touring with a live band and transitioning into music with more substance to uplift our often degraded women and youth.

King Non’s album titled Black $uper Hero is set to be released March 17, 2017 and will feature the previously released viral single “King Non vs America” produced by Jah Beats. Supporting songs include the highly anticipated sequel “Brother Malcolm” and the controversial mainstream single “Moment of Vanity” produced by multi-platinum producer Bolo. “The album takes you on a journey showing the many sides of me from being a revolutionary voice for the people, to love and relationships, to falling victim to violent drug infested surroundings,” he explains.

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