King Nesh, Manicured Mobsta


During the cold winter of 1989 two parents found warmth on the eve of Valentine’s Day, February 13th, when their bundle of joy, and star, was born. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the rough Bewerytown neighborhood Ineshia Atwell, King Nesh, was the first born girl in the family and she grew up yearning to be as toug has her father’s street rep making it difficult to be the girly-girl she was inside. In the eyes of her family and peers she was destined to a female boxer and it came as a surprise that at 13 she started reciting her own rap lyrics. Those very lyrics caught the attention of Philly native Eve and it became clear that King Nesh was serious.

King Nesh’s debut mixtape, Manicured Mobsta, is gaining popularity for its mixture of tracks that speak to both men and women. The mixtape is comprised of hit singles Da Realist, My Wave, Dangerous, and They Love It featuring Tory Lanez. The mixtape features collaborations with Yano Marley, Kayla Infiniti, Block Captain and Jiddy. With promotions already in place, she feels that project will be a hit and was already set her sights on her sophomore project.

“I just want people to have a reason to smile, laugh, and dance again. And if it’s because of my sound, my music, that would be a good feeling. I am a hustler. I’ve given everything to everything I do. I have given all I have to this project, there’s nothing left to be said. All that is left is to present it to the people and hope they hear what we hear, feel what we feel.”

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