King Nation, K.I.C. Entertainment

King Nation

King Nation is a music producer from the San Fernando Valley, right outside of sunny Los Angeles, CA. During his childhood he was surrounded by music and fell in love with the drums. Young King Nation began drum lessons in elementary school. He played for his middle school’s jazz band, marching band, and occasionally played for his church’s choir. In high school, he realized he had a natural ear for music and taught his self how to play current hip hop radio hits on the piano.

His mother was well aware of his talents and aspirations, so she purchased him a drum set and a keyboard. Since then, King Nation has not stopped creating music. King Nation is inspired by a countless number of artists. Some of his major influences are Timbaland, DJ Quik , and Dr. Dre.

King Nation enjoys producing music of all genres, but he specializes in Hip Hop/Rap music, EDM, and orchestral background music. In 2006 King Nation started the production company, K.I.C. Entertainment. The company has had success with recording records for independent artists and placing songs in films and television shows.

King Nation has had songs placed in television shows such as Life Time’s Raising Asia, Life Time’s Dance Moms, and MTV’s Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy. Currently King Nation is working with and producing tracks for upcoming artist Ray Haam.

Follow King Nation on Twitter @kingnationmusic and his YouTube Channel.

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