King Dame, The Movement Entertainment


King Dame is an artist, rapper, singer, songwriter from Lynn, MA, a small city just 10 miles outside of Boston. He began singing at the age of 8 and shortly after at 11 began writing and rapping at 14. A year later he was recording and producing his own material and released 3 EP projects by the time he was 18. In 2013 King Dame began developing his brand The Movement Entertainment which is a collaborative of King Dame Enterprises which handles music production, graphic design, and artist management. All product design, music production, artist management, and promotion of all TME/KDE artists is solely maintained by him.

Throughout his evolving career an indie artist, he’s met the likes of Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5, 9 of Slaughterhouse, Arrab Muzik producer, and Caskey of Cash Money Records. He’s performed numerous times all over the state of Massachusetts and has released 4 separate projects. Furthermore, King Dame has worked as the director of music for a nonprofit in his home state as well as been a guest judge in local music competitions. He’s also a college graduate.

With a plate full of goodies upcoming, King Dame is currently working on a mixtape project that has a projected 3 installments as well as a fourth project crafted entirely of r&b songs. He’s also involved in the production of five additional artists (ORegg, GS, Jimmy Zoe, Francois French, and Yung Springz) who will be releasing music in the near future. His goal is to release a massive amount of music filled with substance as well as messages that will grasp the attention of listeners. The end game is to build a legacy that he can leave behind to his family and create an abundance of wealth and stability for those he loves and cares for.

Soundcloud: king-dame

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