King C.P., All I Ever Wanted Was Everything

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Born and raised in the city of Roanoke, Virginia, 19 year old Malik Patrick, King C.P., has been on the music scene for a few years now. Rapping and teaching himself songwriting techniques at the age of 13, he used the early sounds of Lil Wayne, Jay Z, and Kanye West to help motivate and push himself through school. Their accomplishments quickly became aspirations and targets for him to reach as he sought to make a name for himself in a city and time where he was virtually unknown.

King C.P. began his official music career in the fall of 2013 with the group New era formed with high school classmates. He dropped his first official single “Ambition” and used it as a stepping stone. He made rapping his primary goal and went onto drop his first full mixtape The Breakthrough on New Year’s Eve of 2013. Once his music group began to expand and diversify into its current state as Divine Music Entertainment, King C.P. has grown as a better all-around artist with every year passed. With his previous mixtapes My Time (2014), The Rise (2015), and The Breakthrough: Part II (2015), his drive and talent has since captured the attention of renowned DJ Khaled affiliates Heat Holders Marketing Group, multiple entertainment labels, and even the likes of super producer K.E.

King C.P.’s currently putting the finishing touches on his current mixtape All I Ever Wanted Was Everything that’s dropping on his birthday, February 19th. It’s clear to see that he’s been perfecting his craft over the years and all he wants is to be recognized for it. From the money to the countless awards and flashy lifestyle that he’s had his eyes on this whole time, he constantly wants to remind us that those material things are not all that he seeks to gain out of his journey. He’s doing this for his own dreams, for his family, for everyone who’s ever doubted him, and for the love of the only city he’s ever known.

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