KimaniAmor, Love the One Who Is Beautiful and Sweet


There lays no difficulty in loving a young woman full of impactful music. KimaniAmor is currently based in the DC-Maryland area, but she is originally from Chesterfield, Virginia. KimaniAmor is best known for her positive impact on the female Rap scene but has not limited herself to music. She is currently volunteering for various non-profits. She has always had an undeniable passion for creatively arranging her words. Poetry, being the foundation, eventually led her to creating verses filled with memorable rhythm. The melodic tone and smooth lyricism that uplifts KimaniAmor‘s sound is unforgettable. Even at a young age, she had the ability to design a strong flow that drew in her peers and they were always eager to listen to the verse she would add to a popular song.

Thriving off their positive feedback, KimaniAmor confidently went into creating her own songs that express her love for writing. Unsure of the Rap scene, she just continued to write. Closing out her last semester at Virginia State University she released “Still Not A Rapper?,” a freestyle inspired by Big Pun and Joe’s “Still Not A Player.” Since then she has released one mixtape, “The Ugly Duckling,” and is currently wrapping up her second, “The Board Room.”

In addition to that her highly anticipated LP, “Young Twenty Something,” is scheduled for this summer. She has declared – it’s time. It’s been a journey within a journey that she has unfolded throughout her projects. KimaniAmor continues to bring versatility on each verse she drops.

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