Killa, Conscious Trap


With one foot in the streets and the other in music, Killa naturally realized he had talent. Initially he was unsure of how he should to apply it. Coming up in the small city of Joliet, Illinois, he found himself easily gravitating towards the street life. Even though Killa made significant time for the studio, he wasn’t serious or focused about the music early on. By watching his older cousin, Pistol Pete, record and produce beats, Killa had been able to learn to do the same developing his love for music.

Eagerly enhancing his skills, Killa gained the interest of a local rap legend, the late Catmandu, who immediately took Killa under his wing. He began producing his own tracks by the age of fourteen. After buying his own equipment, he had built his own private studio about a year later. Killa has produced numerous of artists in Joliet and Chicago such as Reggie-Loc, Gin-Loc, LocStar Dollas, Laylo, and Heavy Lo. He has performed at many of shows within the Midwest.

Killa’s slick word play and smooth delivery helped evolve his own sound which he calls conscious trap, a mix between backpack and trap music. He’s planning on dropping a full length album on iTunes and Google Play this summer.

Facebook: @KillaChris
Soundcloud: @killachrisstoopid
Instagram: @el_killa_ffl
Twitter: @killa_less_Gvng


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