Kidx_, A Force In Orange County


Xavier Barnett, Kidx_, derived his stage name from his fandom on Kid Cudi in high school and it’s also been his Twitter handle for years. Music has played a major role in his life seeing his father as Bullet Proof of the Calico Riders from Orange County. Kidx_ began as a singer performing at house parties and he eventually transitioned into rapping becoming good over time. With the crash of his brother’s studio for a few years and no way to record, music became just another hobby. It wasn’t until friend Scott Sesuj inspired him to love music once again and Kidx_ has committed to creating music that the masses can relate to.

Kidx_ was raised by a variety of people, from gangbangers to well-to-do people, and he’s not easily influenced; he’s stayed true to who he is. His brother, Yung Proof, also a rapper, has helped him with his delivery and in becoming a force in Orange County. He has a lot of respect for the people who have supported him and who have grown with his music. Included are his family and girlfriend Jocelyne who are his muses, fellow artist Scott Sesuj, Animus, Marvn, Ruben O, and his brother. Orange County is here and ready to show the world talent is ready to be shared

Twitter: @kidx_
Reverbnation: @Kidx_

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