KHILL, The Prelude Project


20 year old KHILL is a junior at a small 800 student college in Owensboro who’s been singing in choirs since the age of 3 and his classical music background puts him on a deeper level than some up and coming artists. He attended Governors School of the Arts for vocal music and is putting his soul into his music. He’s influenced and looks up to Chance the Rapper, J.Cole, and Kendrick.

KHILL started rapping when he was a freshman in college when, along with a few friends, made YAHMEEN. At the time he didn’t really understand it, but now it’s his life and all he reps. Now the mission is to take YAHMEEN Ent to the top of the game so his kids, and his kids kids, can live comfortably. YAHMEEN is ultimately understanding.

KHILL was raised by his mom and his pops was there some of the time. Now that he’s back in his life, he’s helping KHILL get on his feet with music. As an added bonus, he pops has been in the game for a long time with Showwa Monni Ent. KHILL is about to drop his first serious mixtape called The Prelude Project which is the starter before the big one.

Twitter: @khill_12 | @TeamYahmeen
Instagram: @khill_12
Facebook: @khillyahmeen


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