Kenny B, Eye-V League


Kenny Bryant, Kenny B, is a part of the group Eye-V League whose collaborative ventures and versatility have made him an influential music artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. With inspirations like Vinnie Paz, Eminem, and Twista, his subject matter is a reflection of his experiences. With a clear focus of what he wants his music to represent, all work, from now until eternity, will showcase a high class respect for music, for those who made it, and for those who love it and live it. Kenny B subscribes to the ideal that music should relay the message first and then open the discussion. He takes full responsibility for his lyrics and uses them to allow the listener to think, smile, cry, and live.

As Eye-V League quickly emerges as the best underground Hip Hop acts in Cincinnati ushering new trends in music, Kenny B wants to use his ever accumulating success to sustain those around him. With a goal to maintain youth on a positive path, he encourages them to remain confident in themselves and to make the right choices. Keeping vigilant in this aspirations is what keeps Kenny B thriving and with right connections his artistry will surpass the peak.

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