Kei-Lani Royalty, A Mark On Hip Hop History


Kei-Lani Royalty was born to parents Dorine and Junie Maddox in Chicago, Illinois as the 8th child out of 10. At the age of 9 she started writing her own music and wrote her first song named “Got An Attitude.” She was on and off with music throughout her child hood up until the age of 20 when she met Fully Loaded and immediately was determined to never stop again. She is also known by the name Princess K, but has developed into Kei Lani Royal 1. She has worked with many artists like Angel Combs (The Hit Mechanix) and producers like Tyron Allen. She currently resides in Las Vegas, NV and is continuing her love for music.

Kei-Lani recently released her album It’s Royalty and her mixtape The Bitch In Me is available on Datpiff. She’s currently working on another mixtape and album titled The Maturity. She’s is an original, loyal, and strong indie artist from the west coast who is modest, positive, versatile, and has positive messages in her music to share with the world. Her group It’s Royalty includes herself and Love Less. They were recently on TV on the Pleezz Believe Show. She’s also a part of Mov’em E.N.T which is a group of artists supporting artists.

Kei-Lani has A Demo out right now which is being spread out nationwide and internationally. She was nominated for three awards in 2014 and won the Verge Award at the BMA’s. Further accomplishments include being nominated for song of the year for the 2015 Urban Culture Magazine Best Female Hip Hop artist of the year for Power House Music Awards. Her songs have been played by multiple deejays like DJ Ill Will (New Jersey), DJ Trueself (Las Vegas), and radio stations like Artist on the Rise.

Datpiff: @Kei Lani Royalty
YouTube: @Kei Lani Royalty | @Princessk320

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