Keen Perception, Carolina Dreams

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From the age of 11, Keen Perception has been deeply delving into the craft of music. Listening to Juelz Santana’s From Me To U and the body of work of legendary 2Pac has lead him to take a more conscious approach with his music and lyrics revealing that they may have been most influential role models he’s had. It wasn’t until his early twenties that he became serious about pursuing music and mentally getting past the mistakes he made in his past.

Keen Perception is currently working on his debut album titled Carolina Dreams and has no set release date yet. To hold one’s ears over until his project is released, venturing to his Soundcloud catalog will open up a slew of opportunities listen to tracks he releases.

Keen Perception’s mission for his debut album is to gain listeners from all over the world. The album will be different from all of his previous tracks as he’s always looking for new sounds and switching flows. He hopes to gain recognition from major artists and banking on having the opportunity to work with Eminem and Tech N9ne. Ultimately his goal is to support family and be there for the ones that were there for him. His motto, “If we didn’t grind together, we are not going to shine together.”

Facebook: keenperception
Soundcloud: keenperception

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