KazLord, Big Things in 2015


Karol Witkowski, KazLord, 17 years old, was born in Poland but moved to England at age 8. KazLord has always been around music and his granddad, who was in a band, taught him piano on occasion; ever since moving out KazLord hasn’t touched a piano or keyboard. After listening to dubstep nonstop the genre of music bore KazLord and he soon came across trap; Waka Flocka and his producer Lex Luger inspired him to want to create music at a professional level.

After a short stint using Reason, KazLord moved on to FL Studio where he learned the basics of beat composition and further increased his knowledge via YouTube tutorials. Ever progressing in his craft, KazLord created a track titled “India in the Trap” that marked his first tune that he put all his effort into. KazLord continued onto college to hone his craft and one day while working on his track “Fendi” a stranger walked in and proclaimed, “Oi, ye man. That’s sick. Check me out on Soundcloud.”

The stranger turned out to be Swisher Music who had an article not too long ago. The two exchanged numbers and the collabs began; they currently have 4-5 unreleased tracks. Big things are happening in 2015 for KazLord.

Official website: www.instagram.com/yungkazlord
Twitter: www.twitter.com/karolwitkowski1

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