Kayron, Performing Is My In


Kayron L. Perkins, born September 1, 1989, was nine year of age when he discovered music was a passion. Kayron sung Annie’s “Tomorrow” in a school play and recalls being very nervous when he planted his feet on that stage, but when finished the feeling he got from the audience was something never felt before. Over the years Kayron became confident with performing and knew it would someday take him far.

As a youth Kayron lived a part of his life in Pennsylvania. There he joined a group called Squad Deep that did a major performance for Jada Kiss (Rapper) and Manio (Rapper), and were the opening act at a club called Crocodile Rock in Allentown, PA. A few years later Kayron had to move back to his hometown Plainfield, New Jersey where he did some shows and became a part of DBE (Drop Boy Entertainment) as a solo artist.

Kayron became popular for dancing and found a new love for writing. He started writing short poems and stories. Before Kayron realized it, he started writing songs. Music has been his outlet for his feelings. Kayron hopes that through my music he can be an inspiration and give his family a life that we all have dreamed of. Right now Kayron is working on a mixtape of original songs all solo-written.

Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/kayrondbe
Instagram: @thereal_kayron
Facebook @kayronperkins
Contact: (732) 485-2543 and Kayronperkins@gmail.com

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