Kay’G’Host Wants To Inspire As Many People Positively

Kay’G’Host is coming into the music industry with hot beats and lyrics. Add to that a stunning stage presence, artist’s style is unforgettable and undeniable. The locals are digging this fresh style and only the best is yet to come. Kay’G’Host has a gusto about his work that goes unmatched to others. It’s that enthusiasm that’s the platform to his success.

The reggae hip hop artist based in Perth, Western Australia, has focused his music on depicting his reality and uplifting the youth. “I deliver my flows in a typewriter fashion. I have heard it called old school numerous times. I pride my poetics, hence the conscious rapper status,” Kay’G’Host explains. With a Zimbabwean heritage, he blends his patois into his music along with a strong Rastafarian background. In 2010 he dropped the Triple Ten album that turned the heads of a few labels. Since that time he’s started up started up an entertainment company named UWGY Entertainment and dropped the Next Level Shit mixtape with a whopping 60 tracks on it.

Kay’G’Host’s goal now is to really get the wisdom out there because if artists don’t do right for their children, the future is messed. So he’s working to inspire as many people positively. Right now he’s working on the Return of the King album that will feature a different kind of sound and for an underground artist he sees this as his breakout to the commercial scene.

Official website: www.concreteblockrecordz.com

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