Kasi K, Unconditional Love For Hip Hop


As one might look at this artist and say “What a tall glass of water,” Kasi K has been known for her relevance on the runway. However, now she’s now on a mission to stun the world with her artistic lyrics and be known more for her creative talent on stage and behind the mic. With over 10 years spread out amongst the film industry and modeling, Kasi K gravitated to the spotlight and wanted to combine her creative taste for Hip Hop with her talent. Throughout the years accumulating a taste for music, Kasi K found that artists such as Lauryn Hill, Tupac, and Notorious BIG seem always relevant when it came to getting her creative juices flowing.

2012 was the first opportunity Kasi K worked in the industry as a professional singer alongside her sister as they were asked to replace lead singer (Dandi Wind) of the band Fan Death. The run with the band was short lived as Kasi K had more of an interest to pursue Hip Hop as that is where her heart lied and interest was. Kasi K fully understands the fundamentals of writing music, as she studied creative writing at the University of British Columbia. It was easy for this artist to hit the scene running as she never needed to lean on others to write her ideas. With a sexy-shocking- yet empowering look on life, Kasi K is in the works of her debut EP with producer extraordinaire Sam Mousse.

This premier EP has a strong opinion and voice geared on sex, love, money, power, and what the artist believes has been mistaken in current social conversations. Although Kasi K is only working with Sam Mousee on this EP, she has worked with producers from New York, Argentina, Miami, Nigeria, and across Canada. She is less focused on making the audience think she is a “bad bitch” and more so a creative smile with an authentic attitude. Be on the lookout for this brilliant superstar as she is ready to deliver a sensational career and unconditional love for Hip Hop.

Official website: www.facebook.com/pages/Kasi-K/808080539217129?ref=hl

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