Kapital, Need To Be Heard


Who is Kapital? Kapital is a signed UK/International Hip Hop artist from Manchester embarking on a career in music and is an individual who decided the time was now to invite you all a bit closer, and a bit deeper, to what goes on in his world. Kapital is outspoken, loves to talks, to share an opinion, but also loves to inspire all in the same breath. Pondering what’s the whole blog/vlog thing about, he suddenly heard a voice whisper in the distance, “It’s for those who need to be heard.”

Instantly Kapital was involved and created a blog page within minutes. Facebook is no longer big enough to contain his enormous statuses, 149 characters on Twitter is exactly that, only 149 character, (no time for that). So why not try a blog. If you think this will simply be posts about soaps, random videos, and nonsensical jargon you are completely right (ha ha). No, it’s not. It’s what inspires Kapital daily and all in between. Follow him and lets see what happens. Kap City.

Learn more about Kapital on his Official Artist Website.

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