Kamerad Dapocaginous, King of Cold

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Jerell Jones, known by his performance name Kamerad Dapocaginous, is an artist in music. He strides towards making music that expresses himself in every way. That means his music is always changing, evolving from each feeling and type of thought process he’s thinking at that moment. He started writing poetry at the young age of nine and continues to improve on his poetry skills by working with other artists from different origins. He stays true to himself and his followers, Kamerads (comrades).

“I know it’s a lot of work, but we will get there. All of the people who have ever supported me are coming along with me on this beautiful journey through the tough times and the rainy days because once the storm passes only light remains. I love all of my unique people! Thanks for the everlasting love and support!,” Kamerad Dapocaginous reflects on his evolving career.

Kamerad Dapocaginous latest Soundcloud releases include the somber “Perkys Calling Remix,” the lyrical “No Bounds,” and the acapella “Holding On.” Today we’re featuring the visual for “King of Cold” that was his entry for the King Ice Rap Contest.

Facebook: @Kamerad-Dapocaginous
Soundcloud: @kamerad_dapocaginous


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