Kadesh Flow, Gateways

Desh on Fire - Gateways

Rapper, producer, and trombonist Kadesh Flow has been wowing both suspecting and unsuspecting listeners with his musical versatility since his early teens. At age 11, ‘Desh, as many of his listeners call him, began rapping and playing trombone within two weeks of one another. He nurtured his creative passions while earning an Interdisciplinary Studies BA and a Marketing and Analytics MBA from the University of Alabama.

Now the young emcee works as a business analyst at a large Healthcare IT firm by day, but by night he actively blends his jazz and hip-hop backgrounds into body bouncing and head bobbing tracks that range from crunk to sultry, from melodic to face-melting. Kadesh’s wide reaching, positive, and relatable content consistently wins over harsh hip-hop critics with his lyrical dexterity, drawing from multiple influences, including his collegiate experience, socio-cultural musings, spirituality, and nerdy passions.

These factors have lead him to such accomplishments as opening for B.o.B., sharing the stage with renowned jazz artists such as Lou Soloff and Andy Martin, performing at such locations as the Cannes Film Festival in Nice, France, and producing music for Toonami Asia that has aired on network television in multiple countries and territories across Southeast Asia.

Currently he records and performs actively, contributes original instrumentals and arrangements to various independent film scores. Desh’s most recent release, “Gateways,” is available for free online, has garnered great reviews, and is making the rounds online.

Learn more about Kadesh Flow on his Official Artist Website.

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