K19, XIX


K19, Kion Thurman, is a 20 Year old Hip-Hop recording artist and songwriter born in the small city of Gray, Georgia on May 18th 1994. At age 11, K19 found his love for writing music and at age 11 began recording cover songs on an mp3 player as a hobby. Influenced by his favorite artist at the time, Lil Wayne, he focused on making his own creative punchlines. He recorded 7 original songs on Mixcraft in his room and gave them to his dad to listen to. His dad loved his music and became his Manager.

K19 began performing at shows in his home town of Gray, as well as Macon and Atlanta. He gained local fame through the Gray Newspaper and was named “Best Teenage Rapper” by an Atlanta Magazine titled “Street Report.” He also grew an internet buzz through cover songs. He became a teenage father at the age of 17 and motivated him more to make music a career. First he trademarked his artist name K19 and worked with his dad to get the label Rheal Ent and clothing line Get Off The Chain Trademarked.

After graduating high school he spent a month in LA with Shawn Campbell (Founder of Cody Simpson and PushMusicGroup) learning the ins and outs of the music industry. There he met Kyle and Zaya of Remember When and Mandy Rain of the SchoolGyrls. He made songs with both. When he came back home he was able to collaborate with DJ Coone for a song titled “Times Getting Hard” and he was able to get his “Extraordinary Girl” song into a movie titled “Force of Execution” featuring Steven Seagal, Ving Rhames, and Gillie Da Kidd. At age 19 he started attending Savannah State University and joined an organization called HigherLVNG. He recently released an album titled “XIX.”

Official website: www.4rheal.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/theofficialk19

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