K.Buttons, No Music No Life


Kevin Brent Coleman known as K.Buttons was born in Silver Spring, Maryland at Holy Cross Hospital and grew up in a city named Glenarden. Music became a part of his life when he was just a youngster in elementary school. He started as a very talented poet. After being influenced by his brother (Bryan BDot Coleman) and cousin (Reese Da Realist) he put his poetic skills together with rap music. When he was about 15 his peers motivated him to go all the way with music being that they all felt he was built and was great lyrically in the studio and out.

Later on when his career K.Buttons started to take flight. Reese Da Realist felt he was ready to put him up starting off doing features then soon after created his own masterpiece, the “Red Ink” mixtape. When that project dropped (January 22, 2009) he had the streets on his shoulder in other words his buzz went sky rocket. After that he was featured in magazines (Xtreme Magazine) and was the featured artist of the week on goatmouf.net. He has killed numerous stages in places all over the USA including Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, etc.

Now, he’s landed distribution and publishing through Tunecore and made his music available worldwide. Still on top of his game you can find him on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon mp3, YouTube, Audiomack.com, plus much much more. He’s featured in music videos that reached across overseas in Africa. Lately he has been in the studio featuring on Reese Da Realist’s “Long Flight” album, Reese Da Realist’s “Consider Me Great” which k.Buttons executive produced, and dropping hit singles. What’s next for K.Buttons is endless. Like he always says, no music no life.

Visit K.Buttons on Jango to listen to his music and follow him on twitter and Instagram @therealkbuttons.

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