Jynx XIII, Adapting


Hailing from Brooklyn, NY and now a resident of Los Angeles, CA, 20 year old Jynx XIII is heavily influenced by old school hip hop and has had the wherewithal to adapt to the modern music trends in order to evolve his career. His music is a reflection of his innermost thoughts infused with the lessons he’s picked up through life. Jynx XIII is forever living and learning, as well as expressing himself through music. His aim for his music is get your brain working and stimulates it with substance.

Performing in New York and California have been career highlights, but none are more pronounced than the January 2016 release of his debut project titled Adapting. The 8 track project is available on Bandcapm for purchase and is streaming on Soundcloud. With the positive feedback it’s receiving it’s sure to serve as a platform for Jynx XIII to grow his presence.

With much more in store in the thriving year and in the far future, he’s getting excited about performing at more shows in California. His love for art and music as a whole grows with every step that’s taken.

Official website: www.jynxxiii.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud: jynxxiii

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