Jus’ J, The Soul Of Music


Matthew “Jus’ J” Bright, born on December 4th, 1983 in Chicago, IL, began his music career as a vocalist and transitioned into making beats for the same genre he did vocals for. It was not until he recorded “Crowd Control” in 2009 that he realize that he needed to reform and change the direction of his music. The name Mac B was dropped and Jus’ J was taken up. His music became infused with Rock influences as well as Hip-Hop and Rap. Incorporating Scream-O techniques in his stylings was a key component to this crossover style. Feeling even more comfortable creating this music gave it new energy.

With ground laid by “Crowd Control,” Jus’ J knew where he wanted to take his music. There was no turning back, the sound he visualized and created was meant to be heard. Jus’ J could see the potential in his music and with that potential grew the drive to build upon the overall success of his first song leading to his first album “AudioHeAD.” Additionally, his song “Fade Out” was placed into the film “Setup” starring Bruce Willis and Fifty Cent.

Now a reviewer of music in his hometown, he also working closely with Island Def Jam founder Tony Vanias at Matchbox Ent. Jus’ J doesn’t hold back by any means with the tracks that have been recorded. The track titled “Made my Name” simply expresses one thing: that you are the soul of music.

Official website: http://www.reverbnation.com/jusjmusic
Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/matchboxent/next-generation

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