Jsalmz, Fine


As Hot-lanta’s newest threat, Justin Bickerstaff, Jsalmz (pronounced Psalms), has the high expectation of shaking things up in the today’s music industry and is here to promote to his first single Fine. Originally from Pell City, Alabama, the southern rapper/singer moved to Georgia before his first birthday and was raised in the church where he developed a love for music. Banging on pots and pans and constantly singing non-stop to whoever would listen brought Jsalmz lots of attention as a kid. He loved performing, but yet was ironically shy.

The shyness soon subdued at the age of 9 when Jsalmz fell in love with Hip Hop. Though he had been exposed to Rap as a lad, he had never given a single thought about making it his own until seeing Lil Bow Wow’s Bounce Wit Me music video. It proved to be the catalyst that changed his perspective and he began to write lyrics. It was such a consuming feat that he’d skip school simply to stay home and write.

Exhibiting his passion for music, Jsalmz finally gained the full support from his family to realize his dreams. Now he’s on an expedition to make it known to the world how much he loves music and why he deserves to be the topic of every discussion. His new single Fine is available on iTunes, TIDAL, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and many other music online stores.

Instagram: @jsalmz
Twitter: Jsalmz

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