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Born in Washington DC and raised in Maryland, Josh is a rapper, songwriter, and president of 2710 Music. He has created his ever-growing following using grassroots campaigns on social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram over the past year. Beginning in 2012, Josh began executive producing projects for artists ranging across multiple genres from Hip Hop to Pop music to Alternative R&B showing both his passion for music as an art as well as his undying work ethic.

Releasing several projects between 2010 and 2013 under different stage names, the rapper has since released his most recent mixtape, “Purgatory,” revamping his sound and furthering his technique. Josh has collaborated with rappers from around the country and continues to expand his fan base through the release of new material, performances, and features on albums released by multi-genre artists.

Most recently, Josh finished a tour in Mexico with Pop artist Michael Coveto. He is currently planning shows around the country, as well as more international tours (including a spring break tour in Mexico). In addition to touring and performing, the rapper is expected to release his own solo album “Sleepless,” a 2710 Music compilation titled “Planet 2710” with the label, and a collaborative album with singer Ellizo in 2015.

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