Joseph A.M., Mirror For A Prince


“Music is life’s friction and hip-hop is life’s endeavor.”

Surrounded by influence and inspiration, Joseph A.M. takes us with him as he captures the hardships and beauties of keeping the dream alive in his efforts of pursuing the long road to success. Started off screaming in hardcore bands when he was 18, Joseph A.M. found his calling with Hip-Hop after a disagreement with his last band in Los Angeles (I Am Orion’s Eyes). Determined to make music alone with hardly anything to work with, he started recording and writing using a phone app. Still using only an iPad to create music now, it seems his knack for the art seems to be paying off very quickly. With his very versatile style, raw sound that reminds you of a Mexican Big Sean or Drake or even Eminem, it’s hard not to keep listening as well as his soft singing which he will throw in at the right times in some of his songs to really capture the listener.

Talking more about deeper issues that most don’t want to steep to has a lot to do with what makes him so unique. He is all self taught too. Inspired by one of his favorite singers, Brandon Boyd of the band Incubus and how he was self taught, A.M. knew he could do the same with hip-hop. Already working with many other artists and producers locally and around the country led to him working with Tate Music Group who helped release his first album “Keep Dreaming…” on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.

After only 3 years as an emcee, A.M. is quickly finding his place in the industry and bringing something new that not only the people need to hear but truly miss: raw hip hop. With features on UGHH (Underground Hip-Hop), HNS Magazine, and many other underground blogs it’s clear to see A.M. is on the rise. If there’s anybody meant for something in this world, it’s Joseph A.M. and not just hip-hop but music altogether. Keep an ear open and eye wide open for him and be sure to check out his new mixtape “Mirror For A Prince” available for free. Stay tuned.

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