Jordan River, Before Freedom


It’s been said time after time that Hip Hop is a young man’s game. Jordan River is an American music artist that writes on a broad spectrum of topics that connects to multiple avenues and genres of people. Born June 9, 1995 in Detroit, Michigan this young artist is as hard working as many of his predecessors. His early excursion into the world of music started at a tender age due to his family’s ties in the entertainment and marketing world. During high school his creativity and indifference was molded from him working with artists and working at two studios while simultaneously interning at another bringing the business man out of him.

After leaving high school Jordan began his venture into the world of music by moving to Atlanta where he started his career in production creating the music group One Breath One Vision. After one year of working with multiple artists and developing his own sound, he began traveling the country with indie label Good On Paper; thus forth gaining the momentum to build a fan base and blog credits that would take his name to a higher level without major label backing.

Jordan recently released the first song off his 4 track EP Before Freedom and is still progressing his work as shown in his new release. He is building the momentum before the full EP drops speaking on fake individuals and holding the voice on what’s considered real with his indifferent hard hitting styled single Honestly produced by Martinez. For good music and great content follow Jordan’s Social accounts and stay tuned for more tough tunes.

Official website:
Instagram: @IAmJordanRiver
Twitter: @IAmJordanRiver

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