Jon Locke, Exceeding Expectations

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“You don’t need to be here, you need to be out there doing it.”

The words of Jon Locke’s college professor are not just a motivational driving force but a mission for his music production and new album “First Thoughts.” Trailblazing the summer of 2014 with the album’s first release “Can’t Let It Go,” Locke introduces powerfully emotive guitar solos and erotically perceptive words to capture the craving and anticipation for an experience of love. Gravitii Films will direct “First Thoughts” first music video designed to artistically present Locke’s vision of the album for various international social media organizations. Above the Vibe Radio will also feature Locke for their album review section alongside other recording artists and producers from around the world.

With over a decade of experience in the music industry, Locke’s growth as an artist, producer, and musician began with seeds planted by his father Ruben Locke, Jr, a musician for the R&B Grammy Hall of Fame Award winning group The Impressions, Tyrone Davis, and lead singer for Amusement Park. Coming from a heritage of faith and excellence, Locke plays the saxophone, trombone, and drums with an emphasis in piano. While attending high school he began producing local artists and furthered his education at Columbia University for Music and Media Management.

After furthering his experiences and deepening his understanding of music production from Wildstyle of Crucial Conflict, Locke began managing operations at Holy Spirit Records (2000-2006) which led to various collaborations and the forming of the independent record label TerJon Records. For Locke every collaboration and opportunity for production has played a pivotal role in his evolution as an artist and producer. With the release of “First Thoughts” Locke Music Group is “getting out there and doing it” with meaningful music that will exceed the expectations of fans and new listeners to come.

Learn more about Jon Locke on his Official Artist Website.

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