Johny Fresh, Intent On Leaving A Legacy


Johny Fresh, 20, is more than your average upcoming artist. The musical talent he possesses deems him as one of Houston’s hottest emcees. He graduated high school with the full intent of leaving a legacy in the rap game. The sudden urge to rap was sparked by tons of problems and adversities in his life. Johny Fresh used music as a way to express himself and channel his stress, but now he views his music as a chance to change the world. Currently Johny Fresh is looking for gigs and open mics to perform at. He is working on his upcoming mixtape “Welcome To My City” and has recently published a mixtape titled “History in The Making pt.2.”

Johny Fresh dreams of one day being named the best rapper alive and eventually the best to ever do it. He strives to make an impact on the world through his music and is determined to provide a better lifestyle for himself.

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