John Brooks, Don’t Ever Forget It


Bay Area born songwriter and rap artist John Brooks is armed with vocal tones and a delivery powerful enough to move a nation. His sound is as captivating as his diverse style and looks and his live performance has proven to be strong enough to generate standing ovations. Being from Oakland, California you would think his sound would match his region but it doesn’t. Instead of hopping on the bandwagon of the catchy party music scene artists have branded as the sound of the New Bay, John steers clear of it and sticks more to the golden age sound of hip hop.

A California emcee and a product of the fast paste urban inner city, John captivates his listeners through rhyme, witty punch lines, and amazing storytelling. His musical style is heavily influenced by the everyday ups and downs of life and the culture of hip hop, soul, and the smooth sound of r&b. His influences are Nas, Jay-Z, Slick Rick, Luryrn Hill, J. Cole,  Kendrick Lamar, Red Man, Fat Joe, Will Smith, and The Team.

Today we’re featuring John’s video for his hit track “Don’t Ever Forget It.”

Instagram @thatskingjohn2u
Twitter @Thisisdutch
Soundcloud: @ john-brooks3

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