J.M.E., Got Heat Entertainment


J.M.E. was born and raised in Denver, Colorado making Park Hill his stomping grounds. Music was a big part of his family’s life and has loved hip hop and has lived hip hop. From break dancing, choir, poems, freestyles, and acapella he was inspired to follow his dream by his late cousin that passed away in 1996. The tragic loss of his closest friend and relative influenced him to take music seriously. From 1996 to 1999 J.M.E. worked on his music by doing rap battles, freestyling, and writing his own music to better his craft. He studied music like it was his bible; from hip hop, r&b, jazz, blues, and pop. You name it he performed it.

J.M.E. formed a label in Colorado with another relative and they called it Twissted Records. He was a member of Twissted Records from 2000 to 2006. During that time he co-wrote 6 projects, 10 mixtapes, numerous solo albums, collabed, and performed at shows. Filled with determination and love for the music and his dream, he took his talent on the road preforming shows, promoting, and networking. He traveled from his home state of Colorado to the dirty south hitting up cities such as Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Atlanta. He promoted his music while traveling and co-wrote several projects.

J.M.E. is different from other rappers because he’s real, original, authentic, raw, and uncut. He is a distinct lyrical talent that cannot be copied or altered. His sound is unlike any other sound. He made his move to the south in 2007 to pursue music on his own. In 2008 he founded Got Heat Entertainment with his newly found partner Tasco. They combined a group called Dizobidient to create their first mixtape Born to Ignite which was released in 2010. After release of this album, Dizobidient started working on websites, videos for the album, and promotion.

Official website: www.GotHeatEnt.com
Instagram: @jme303d
Facebook: @mansleezy | @GHEMusic
Soundcloud: @gotheatent

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