JFields, Music Fuels My Soul


Justin Fields, JFields, was raised in Ardmore, Oklahoma (Shadey Five-80) and was brought up singing in a church choir; music has always fueled his soul. Making beats became a hobby of his which evolved into his profession. JFields grinds hard to realize his goals and the potential of his greatness. His goal is to perform at a top flight industry standard.

Once you experience his music, you feel how JFields liquefied the intensity of his pain and obstacles into the octane that fuels his passion music. Over the past few years, JFields has music career has steadily escalated. In addition to his musical and lyrical talents, JFields is real. The same experiences he goes hard about on in his songs make him a loving dad to his baby girl, as well as the life of the party; JFields is the guy who never meets a stranger.

JFields has performed in various shows and locations across the state of Oklahoma. In addition, he has built a very strong arsenal of music that includes R&B, EDM, and Hip-Hop tracks, as well as an additional 60 original beats he produced. Anywhere this 26 year old young man goes people are mesmerized by his talent. It’s only a matter of time before the whole world gets to experience the phenomenal music that JFields delivers.

Official website: www.realjfields.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/jfieldsavy

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