Jesus Muhammed, Can’t Keep My Talent Bottled Up


Hailing from St. Albans, Queens, Jesus Muhammed is a driven, passionate, and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of hip hop. He started out as an audio engineer, but quit the music scene after an artist he was working with was gunned down in Brooklyn. Disillusioned, he quit music to focus on a day job at Bellevue Hospital.

However, when you have got a talent inside it’s hard to push it back. In a dream, Jesus claims God himself appeared and convinced him to do the work he intended for him and get back to making music. His earliest experiences as a songwriter date back to when he was a kid and wrote his first rhymes to avenge his bullied brother. In his own words, “I found out I was a good rapper because I got beat up for that rap.”

Jesus’ sound is all about tight beats, lush melodies, and a sharp lyrical flow. With confidence he describes himself as “Kanye West being able to rap like Eminem.” Moreover, his condition of synesthesia truly allows him to visualize and feel the sound in a unique and special way.

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