Jeston Cole, Robust Minimalism


Jeston Cole is not a newbie in the professional recording and music industry. From the music production and dedication to the work and music, it stands out on its own. Jeston Cole has definitely left a stamp in the music industry and community with cutting edge songs and lyrics. Do not sleep on the artist because the musician and entrepreneur might just have something up their sleeve that is purely unexpected. “Robust minimalism, honest expression, and pristine attention to detail accompany me in music and in life,” Jeston reflects.

His genre of music begins with a story and ends with the music that supports words. Jeston was born with a spark of curiosity that years of traveling in and out of the country have only made ever brighter. He possesses the gift of being just as transparent in his performing as he is in his writing. On and off the stage, he is authentic. The biggest highlight is touring the western United States with Wonder. It was an incredible and inspiring experience that truly sparked a new level of desire for musical success.

Jeston is finishing an album for release in 2016 while building a local and online following.

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