Jerzz, A Hip Hop Visionary


Born across the river from Manhattan, Amir Adams, Jerzz , of Hoboken, NJ, has spent half his life on the east coast and the other half on the west absorbing the hip hop cultures of both. He first introduced himself to the music production scene when he was eleven years old. He began producing when he was twelve spending hours on his laptop experimenting and learning the craft.

Six years later he has evolved in his style and method establishing his unique sound. Sampling and producing to get the beat he envisions, usually identified as a mellow, down tempo sound layered with slow groovy drums, he is referred to by many as a hip hop visionary. Today, the 17 year old New Jersey native continues to redefine hip hop from Seattle, WA with his own style on the table.

Learn more about Jerzz on his Official Facebook Page.

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