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Jerzey Julz was born April 12, 1987 in Newark, NJ as Julian Collins. While spending most of his childhood in Alabama, Julz faced nothing but hard times and trouble. He was labeled a delinquent and was often teased amongst his peers for not having the latest style of clothes. Julz didn’t take too kind of bullying, so he started responding back by fighting. After getting arrested a couple times and almost sent to boot-camp in 1998, Julz moved back to Orange, New Jersey with his father. After a year or so, he moved back down to Alabama with his mother. Julz spent the next 2 years fighting, struggling at home and school, and trying not to become a victim to the streets. In 2001, Julz moved back to New Jersey, this time for good.

When Julz moved back to New Jersey he had his mind set on one thing and that was to play football. Julz ended up playing and starting varsity since his sophomore year for Orange High School, NJ. Although Julz was on the right path, he still managed to find his way back to his old ways of fighting. In his senior year Julz was charged with aggravated assault for fracturing another student’s face and eventually beating the charges. Julz attended Saint Peter’s College in Jersey City, NJ where he earned a partial football scholarship. He only did one semester and joined the Air National Guard because he couldn’t get any more student loans. When Julz joined the Air Guard in February 2007 he became the only African American firefighter on his base and remained the only one until early 2013.

Julz was always into music throughout his entire life, from singing in church choirs to writing full songs by the age 13. He also played the trombone from 4th grade up until his sophomore year of high school. It wasn’t until 2009 when he decided he would actually try to make something out of his music talents. In 2010, Julz and one of his older brothers Dave (Fat) decided to start the promotion team No Time To Waste Ent. LLC. Between 2010 and 2012, Julz found it difficult to actually focus on his music passion due to unsteady living conditions and constant life changes. By the end of 2012, beginning of 2013, Julz managed to balance out his life and his passion to make music. Julz is currently the Founder and CEO of an independent music label, SilentGrind Productions LLC, and is a well-known upcoming music artist based out of his state of origin, New Jersey.

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