Jayred, In Charge Of My Vision

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“Music is a conversation and I’m just eager to bring in my perspective.”

The sharp and exuberant emcee Jayred is a dedicated artist unlike no other. Growing up in the streets of Miami, Jayred uses rhymes to describe the beauty of life and the lessons it brings. As an artist, Jayred holds a position where he’s in charge of his vision. Also a seasoned director, Jayred has directed several videos for a variety of artists as well as his own work. To accompany his upcoming success he has performed at events such as Klutch Kustoms Car Show and King of Diamonds, and has been featured on TV shows and radio stations. With a growing fan base, Jayred is recognized as an energetic and buoyant performer. As his career progresses, Jayred is looking forward to dropping his first EP soon.

Official website: www.lhrecord.com
Soundcloud: www.reverbnation.com/JAYREDLHR

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