JayR, Nutn To Sutn


22 year old JayR writes, mixes, and masters his own music as an indie rap/hip hop artist from New Bedford, MS. As a huge fan of the music industry, he’s delivering nothing but real music to the public so that they can relate to what he recites. He writes about everything going on around him and what’s he’s seen through his own lens. He’s coming from bottom and speedily rising to the top.

His goal is to provide his audience with music that they can understand as opposed to the current music landscape that’s promoting the lavish entertainment lifestyle and trend mimicking. With the music industry being huge, JayR has an appetizing dish that’s he’s bringing to the table.

JayR is currently working on an album and has a free remix mixtape that can be downloaded on Soundcloud titled Nutn To Sutn Vol. 1.

Official website: www.jayrmusicproductio.wix.com/hiphop-artist
Soundcloud: jayr15-1

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