Jayfiddy, Reppin’ The Northwest


Jayfiddy, James Gough, 20, was born in Mountain Home, Idaho and raised in Seattle and Auburn, Washington, was a Rock fan until 2008 when he was inspired by Immortal Technique who turned him into a huge Rap fan as well as Seattle natives Blue Scholars. Involved with writing raps and freestyling since the freshman year of high school, music has been not only a hobby but a lifestyle. Jayfiddy has been working on perfecting his craft and released his first track on Soundcloud on April 3, 2014. As a solo artist he’s taken the approach to single handedly record on his own using Audacity and has never stepped into a studio. He wants to spread his music to those who enjoy and represent the Northwest.

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/lyricalthoughts42/tracks
Twitter: @MMJayfiddy
YouTube: @MMJayfiddy WA


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