Jaye Nyce, Victory In Progress

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Rising fast on the music scene, coming out of New Jersey and the New York area, 25 year old Jaye Nyce strives to earn vast recognition within the music industry and continues to gain the support and respect of fans and fellow musicians alike. With his down-to-earth attitude and diverse, cross-genre musical style, Jaye Nyce presents a realness that is innovative yet connects to the world of the top 100 Billboard music. Jaye Nyce’s music inspiration comes from the likes of Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Kanye West. Growing up in a musical family, his grandmother played the piano for him at a young age. Jaye Nyce then started to listen to hip hop and began studying Tupac because of his deep song writing.

Jaye Nyce’s musical style can easily be linked to most popular genres. Dance, Pop, Electronic, and Hip Hop elements are the most prominent but he goes far beyond that with his skillful integration using a wide variety of sounds. Jaye Nyce doesn’t follow a specific songwriting formula or focus on one particular message or vibe. Instead, each song reflects a diverse fluency into a greater perspective of the Jaye Nyce story. Jaye’s lyrical style is composed of hard hitting rap verses blended with contagious melodic hooks and elaborate expressive harmonies.

On stage, Jaye Nyce presents an exciting presence that is enjoyed by all music lovers. Jaye Nyce brings his own technique and personalities to the stage with lyrics that touch on a wide variety of subjects that communicates directly to the listener. Having this boundless persona has given Jaye Nyce the ability to spread globally in a way that few underground artists can. Jaye Nyce’s originality and genuineness has turned the heads of even the most skeptical audiences, continuously earning him a growing diverse fan base. Stay tuned for the release of Jaye Nyce’s upcoming EP titled “Victory In Progress” this Spring 2015!

Official Website: http://artistecard.com/JNYCE

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