Jaye B, Points Of Truth


In an era where a multitude of artists struggle to define their musical image from the maelstrom, there are others that emerge with a fully formed musical identity in full command of their craft such as Jamie Belgrave, Jaye B, who’s certainly regarded to be among the latter. The self-taught musician who was born and raised in Northwest England and matured in London grew to love music from an early age and soon began to form his own musical ideas. He’s an unsigned lyricist, singer/songwriter, bassist, and poet with an extensive catalogue of unreleased material. He has featured on a number of releases like Do You Believe In Angels?

Jaye’s most recent tracks are being recorded for his upcoming album, Points of Truth, which is planned to be released in the first half of 2016. “An album from different points of view” is only one of the many remarkable lines written by Jaye himself. He has partnered with The Fantasy Music and the quality on the album itself is described as the most critical point for them. That being said, you can expect only Rap. Period.

The first single is planned to be released at beginning of the New Year. In the meantime, you can stay tuned to their most recent collaboration on a promo mixtape promoting the album MixTape Mayhem. The track Kick Out (Ya Foot) has over 4,000 plays and numerous downloads. Another project from Jaye’s repertoire is Soul Agenda, a short 3 track EP which is the only one so far available to buy.

Official website: www.crookebeats.co.uk/about/crooks-ensemble


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