JayDubb, Going To Grind Until I Can’t Go Further

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Colorado Springs, Colorado artist JayDubb has been rapping since he was 13 years old, but began recording at the age of 18. He has recorded over 100 songs, but has only released a few to the public. JayDubb believes in quality over quantity and with that being said, he released his first mixtape called The Recruit in October of 2013.

Through the few years JayDubb has recorded, he has done a solid number of shows out in Colorado. Some upcoming collabs that you will want to look for are Hollow Tee & Bandit Gang Marco, Tevo T from Vet Lyfe, Lex from A1 Klick, Flo- Logics, and T-Wayne from Houston. All that music will be hot, so hot that you’re going to need an ove’ glove for those ears.

In 1-5 years, JayDubb sees himself expanding his music career to the next level and will continue to grind until he can’t go anymore. It’s all about the #Klass, that is the movement right now. He calls his fans #KlassMates out of respect of the movement.

Facebook: @JayDubb
Soundcloud: @jaydubb-klass


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