Jay Ro’se, Keeping It Honest


When you hear the name Jay Ro’se you don’t expect the talent that’s given off. You think of a fine liquor, maybe expect him to be from Florida but no. This gentleman brings no upsets and no stereotypes. Born in New Haven, CT, now residing in Raleigh, NC, Jay Ro’se is a 21 year old rapper who makes music his his life and works on his craft to be a better lyricist wanting to sell out shows and put out music that everyone will enjoy. His friends and family call him Jay for short and the Ro’se for the smooth-charming delivery this talented young man has.

Jay Ro’se started making music when he was in the 5th grade and joining a group with 3 guys made him realize rapping is what he wanted to do; not doing as a hobby but a passion. He’s perfected his craft to make his dreams possible, is trying new things to stand out, and never letting negative words influence him. With God leading his life, Jay Ro’se is bound to be successful. The best advice he would give anyone is to be truthful and don’t hide your emotions; better to relate and feel what others are feeling.

Wanting others to get to know him, Jay Ro’se cares about his fans and his supporters. He is making sure that he is more than just a rapper with a street sound, but on who is also making pop/R&B. Jay Ro’se wants to talk about the real things that others are afraid to talk about in their music. He believes in keeping it honest and loyal to his fans, team, family, and supporters.

Official website: www.yimove.net
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/jayroseradio

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