Jay Faith Will Be Breaking Onto The Music Scene This Year

What makes Jay Faith a remarkable artist is how he presents himself to his audience. From his delivery on tracks to his command on stage, his time in the limelight is coming up. With the potential for global reach, all the work he puts in now puts him on step closer. Jay Faith is only expected to release top notch music that will only further his reach and engrave his name into the culture of hip hop.

The Manchester, UK born rapper, songwriter, and record producer started rapping at the early age of 14 with a small crew. Also going by the name Jay Scorch, he has been given this name in reference to his cinematic hot beats and scorching lyrical delivery. Jay Faith has been working with his team Destiny and a diverse range of talented artists. American Rapper Fykus and Manchester born singers/songwriters Dee O’larès and Ione May, plus singer/writer Alisha Edwards, have all took part in his long awaiting debut EP The Jay Faith Project.

The debut EP has brought together a collective of artists from his city to feature together on one platform. The idea started off with Destiny co-founder Mafa T wanting to bring together more Manchester artists. Jay Faith has created a unique blend of musical ingenuity by working with UK producers such as Tim Sawyer and Marcus Von. He’s already begun working on the Vol 2 EP and has strong hopes that his new music will be breaking through on to the scene this year.

Official website: www.jay-faith.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/iamjayfaith

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