Jaw Is Not Just Just Another Whiteboy


Music artist Jaw is no stranger to the music and recording industry. From different sounds to top shelf production, the music definitely stands apart. The dedication is no less than the best and putting in the effort to make it to the majors won’t be a surprise in this case. Do not sleep on Jaw because the musician has something the listeners have always wanted.

As far as he can remember, Jaw has always wanted to be involved in this industry. As an artist, he strives to better himself and challenge himself by trying new flows and rhyme schemes. He thrives on what his music is about and remains true to his craft. Jaw’s development as an artist has been on the rise since 2005 when he recorded his first studio recordings at Cognito Studios. In the decade since his inception, he’s gone onto work and release a variety of projects, work with different artists, and perform on many stages.

Now in 2016 Jaw is working on his third EP titled Just Another Whiteboy and has started Green Height Entertainment, a production label offering design, music, and video services. His focus is to work on LP that’s built from the ground up. There will be no downloaded beats on this project. It’ll be beats customized for his preference. It’s evident that the industrious artist has taken strides in his decade long career and now it’s time for his brand to become well-known.

Official website: jawmusic1984.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/jaw1984

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