Jasper Logan, Inspiring Others To Do Positive Deeds


Jasper Logan is an American hip hop artist from Chicago, Illinois. Mixing elements of gospel, rap, and many other genres, he uniquely delivers heart-felt lyrics through complex rhyme schemes. “My goal is to communicate hope and change through, not only telling my story, but the stories of others as well,” he explains about his musical process.

Jasper began to rap at age 12 and reflects, “Originally I started rapping because my two best friends were doing it. It wasn’t till I began to experience hardships in life that I realized I could use music to not only help me in those times but help others.”

Jasper is no stranger to pain. He openly discusses the tragedies and hardships he has faced in life in his music. ​Ultimately, he hopes that his music will become what music was for him. He hopes that it will do to others what the college dropout did for him or Good Kid Madd City. He hopes people will listen to it and be inspired to do something great and positive for themselves.


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